Central Florida French Bulldog owners concerned after Lady Gaga's dog thefts

French Bulldog owners in Central Florida say they are being more cautious when they go out with their dogs after Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot and her two dogs were stolen in California.

Lake Mary residents Casie Kelly and Dan Smith say they are careful with their two beloved pets.

"It is nerve-wracking. So yeah it was scary to hear that," said Casie Kelly. "It's always in the back of my mind single female or even just Dan too especially when people are becoming more aware of the French Bulldog and the breed and just how expensive they are." 

"Whether they're Frenchies or poodles or whatever, there are bad people out there and they're on a mission to steal someone's animals," added Dan Smith. 

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Brandy Ford runs a meetup group for French Bulldog owners in the Orlando area. She says she's concerned some owners won't be taking their dogs out as much because of the viral theft. 

"They are worried, they're concerned, they are fearful that if they have a rare breed, people will start targeting them," said Ford. "But, don't lock up your family members just because of something terrible happening."

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So why are French Bulldogs a target? The average price to adopt the breed is between $1,500 to 5,000. 

Ford says it's a reminder to be careful to watch your surroundings, walk your dog in well-lit areas, and microchip your dog. 

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