Central Florida law firm gives out 1,000 free turkeys to needy families ahead of Thanksgiving

It's a yearly tradition to make sure every family has food on the table for Thanksgiving.

The Pendas Law Firm held its 11th annual Turkey Giveaway in Orlando on Tuesday, Nov. 26, located at 625 E. Colonial Drive.

Last year, the law firm gave out 800 turkeys. This year, they had 1,000 turkeys up for grabs.

Hundreds of people braved the chilly weather to come out with some arriving to stand in line as early as 2:30 a.m. Employees at Pendas tried to make the wait a little easier by handing out cookies and hot coffee. 

One woman says she'll be using the turkey to help feed her 10 grandkids. She told FOX 35 News she appreciates the generosity of the law firm year after year. 


"Everybody is not able to go to the store and buy everything, so every little bit helps."

Each year, Lou Pendas and his associates gather together to distribute turkey's to families ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Pendas started the tradition after a client of his fell on hard times. He noticed that many families were struggling during the recession and wanted to do something to help. 

"The goal here obviously, is to show up one day, have all these turkeys available and no ones’ in line,” Pendas said. “That means we’ve done our job. We’re here to help the community and there’s still a need.”

The Pendas Law Firm is handing out a total of 3,000 turkeys this year throughout the state at their other offices.

Pendas made sure to meet and shake each person’s hand in line. Many of them have been coming here for years.


One woman told FOX 35 News that she plans to give her free turkey to her brother.

“He lives in Lakeland with two small kids on a fixed income, so I come here every year and get him a free turkey," the woman said.

Others came for the first time with their small children. One mother told FOX 35 News she’s a single mother with babies to feed.

“It’s a blessing," she said.