Clermont police, Lake deputies put out phone scam warning

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public to a phone scam that is “spoofing” the Clermont Police Department’s phone number.

The Sheriff’s Office says it appears the police department is calling when they are not.

“They can see on their phone that the phone number matches that of the Clermont Police Department,” Clermont Police Lieutenant Shane Strickland said. “On the surface, it makes sense that it’s an officer calling and asking me these questions.”

The caller is allegedly telling potential victims their social security number has been used in a money-laundering scheme, drug deal or human trafficking.

If you get a call like that, Clermont Police say you are not supposed to answer it. If you do answer it, hang up and then call Clermont Police to see if the call is legitimate.

“I always tell people, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not and if somebody calls you and it sounds fishy, it probably is,” Strickland said.

Police say these types of calls pick up during tax season.

“They want to beat you to the punch in filing your tax return so that they can get any monies back that you are owed,” Lt. Strickland said.

Police want you to keep your information safe and stay alert to the unexpected phone calls. If you get one, call a real police officer.