Co-founder of parental rights group Moms for Liberty receives feces through mail

A Brevard County woman said she was stunned to find feces in the mail.

Tina Descovich is a co-founder of the conservative parental rights group Moms for Liberty, whose members recently spoke out at Brevard County School Board meeting on policies that allow transgender students to use bathrooms and play on sports teams that are in alignment with their gender identities.

Moms for Liberty has also called on schools to open nationwide and unmask students.

"My initial reaction was, shock, obviously," said Tina Descovich, "and then, you know, you start contemplating on who could have sent it and why they would have sent it."

Descovich, who previously served on the Brevard County School Board, said she doesn't know why someone sent the package to her front door but might have an idea.

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"I wish they would reach out and tell me why, so we can have a discussion that would be a lot more productive than sending that to my home," Desovich said. "It's shocking that this is what discourse has come to."

So far, she has reported the incident to the United States Postal Service.

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