Colorblind boy has emotional reaction after seeing color for the first time in viral video

A Minnesota boy born colorblind saw colors for the first time thanks to his principal.

Jonathan Jones, 12, and Scott Hanson, Lakeview Public School’s principal, share something in common-- they are both colorblind.

One day during class, the students were learning about colorblindness. Principal Hanson thought it best to bring in a pair of enchroma glasses to show the kids and prompted Jonathan to put them on.

The 12-year-old obliged and shortly after began to giggle and look around in disbelief. Overwhelmed with emotions he broke down in tears.

In the video, Principal Hanson is seen walking over to embrace the boy in a hug. Jonathan’s mother was also present to witness the incredible moment and joins him by his side.

You can hear the principal tell the students how beautiful the world is and to be “appreciative of it.”

The heartwarming video was tweeted by Jonathan’s older brother, Ben Jones, and it quickly picked up steam.

“He doesn’t like to show emotion, but was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t hold it in.” Ben told FOX 5, “He’s the sweetest kid in the universe."

Ben says the outpouring of support from strangers has been incredible to see.

“People from all over have reached out and made generous donations and offered kind thoughts his view of the world,” Ben said.

In a follow up tweet, Ben thanked principal Hanson for the huge impact he had on his little brother.

The tweet read:

“This is just a great example of the huge impact that teachers can have on kids. We need to pay our teachers more; they more than deserve it.”