Fake Florida therapist fooled hundreds online

An investigation done by the Florida Department of Health found that a woman, who was a licensed therapist, allowed her wife, who was not licensed, to take clients as a therapist.

Four Seasons Orlando reacts to viral TikTok of very excited baby

Tyson Nales, the assistant director of rooms at the Four Seasons Orlando, made an appearance on FOX 35's Good Day Orlando to discuss the impact of the viral baby TikTok that gained over 41 million views million views in the past five days. Will the resort make the baby an official ambassador? Will the baby visit the Four Seasons Orlando any time soon?

Raccoons hijack Florida woman's DoorDash order

A West Palm Beach resident with a late-night taco craving was shocked when she opened her front door to a group of raccoons eyeing her DoorDash order. (Video: Caterina Sevares/@cat_sevaress)

Watch: Florida Black bear chills on luxury boat

A Florida Black bear found itself hanging out on a luxury boat at the Naples Yacht Club earlier this week. Todd Dillman, who owns TowBoatUS Naples, said he was towing a boat back to the docks when he spotted the bear. At first he didn't believe it -- and wasn't sure anyone would believe what he saw -- so he pulled out his phone and began recording.

Video: Bear captured at Magic Kingdom released

A black bear who found her way near Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom was captured and released near the Ocala National Forest, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The FWC shared a 10-second video showing the bear's release back into the wild. "Good bear. Good bear. Go! Go! Go" someone can be heard saying in the video.

Boy saves therapist from pool

A 12-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after he saved his therapist's life in Palm Beach County. The therapist was showing the boy some exercises by the pool when he suddenly had a medical emergency and fell in the water.

Subway blimp is coming to Orlando

The fast casual sub chain is taking to the sky in a new dining experience set to give customers a shot at enjoying a Deli Hero sub at 1,000 feet above the ground in a 180-foot-long blimp, Subway said in a press release. Subway in the Sky will fly over Orlando later this month – and a lucky group of sandwich lovers will get the chance to join the mission. Subway's new Deli Hero subs, first launched in July, feature a half-pound of freshly sliced meat. Whoever gets a chance to be on board Subway in the Sky will be able to enjoy them in the floating restaurant.

Man bitten by snake hanging on top of door

A man was bitten by a rat snake that was hanging on the top of a screen door. "I got bit!" the man is heard saying on his Ring doorbell camera. The rat snake is not venomous but the man did take a bit of a fall as he ran from the front door.