Smash and grab: Thieves steal $2M in jewelry from New York City store

FOX 35 News at 5Smash-and-grab robbers in New York City stole a large amount of high-end jewelry in a heist that was caught on video.The robbery happened at Rocco's Jewelry in the Bronx on Friday at around 2:30 p.m. The business estimates that they lost $2.15 million worth of merchandise in the heist. p.m.

'Never too late': 96-year-old Florida woman earns college degree

Congratulations, Violet! At 96 years old, Violet Edwards, who lives in Parkland, Florida, recently earned her associate's degree, becoming one of the oldest people to earn a college degree. Her advice: "It's never too late." And she's not done, she said. Watch the video to hear what her next goal is.

Viral kiss cam couple having twins

It's a baby announcement that went viral. A man learned he was going to be a father when his wife revealed the big surprise on a 'Kiss Cam' at an Orlando Magic game. Now, the couple has shared with FOX 35 that they are expecting twins.