Community mourns loss of 15-year-old, shot and killed

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Friends and family came together Sunday evening to mourn the loss of 15-year-old Destiny Bargman, a Wekiva High School Honor Roll student shot and killed inside her Apopka home.

“I did everything with her, and it’s just really sad to see her gone,” said Alexis Williams, the victim’s cousin.

A candlelight prayer vigil was held outside the home where the shooting happened, on Sheeler Hills Dr. Loved ones surrounded Bargman’s mother and her young siblings, who understandably are devastated and heartbroken.

“Very bright girl that died a little too soon and right now this family is really taking it hard and we just ask for the prayers,”said Vostelle Williams, the victim’s aunt.

Apopka Police responded to the shooting around 1:30 p.m.  on Saturday, but they are not releasing the circumstances surrounding the incident.  Investigators said they have a 16-year-old male suspect in custody and are charging him with second-degree murder.   “We’re finding out, she was in a [secret] relationship with the young man," Williams said.

The family and this community is looking for answers as to how this tragedy could have happened. "Why the girl had to die so young? She didn’t deserve this. I know God has a purpose,  and I know she’s going to a better place, but it just hurt," said Naijah Casellas, a friend of the victim

Apopka Police are not yet releasing the name of the suspect.