Company offers $10,000 reward to anyone who finds missing Florida boaters

Rescuers are working against the clock trying to find two missing Florida firefighters lost at sea.

"We're all struggling and were all hoping to find something," said U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Mark Vlaun.

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The search for Brian McCluney and Justin Walker has captured the nation's attention. The two have been missing for nearly a week.

McCluney is a firefighter and paramedic with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department. Walker is a firefighter from Fairfax, Virginia. 

The Coast Guard has been searching around the clock, covering more than 90-thousand square miles.

More than 250 hours of searching by officials and volunteers. Everyone from regular people to pilots and plane owners are volunteering their time and equipment to bring these two firefighters home.

McCluney and Walker were last seen on Friday leaving Cape Canaveral  in a 23-foot center console boat.

The Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, and several other federal state and local agencies are all working together in the water and in the air.

In addition, more than 100 civilian volunteers are on 32 boats out of Jacksonville, Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia. Another 32 volunteer boats are searching the Charleston area.

Officials say they are moving forward with guarded optimism.

"I have to be forward, as we move forward, we're moving into a more complex environment.  
Butt to is just any person's survivability on the water.  That's one of the factors we constantly evaluate. The gulf stream it tends to not only  move what you're searching forward, but it also spreads out the possible area of search.  

Officials saying the ocean currents are what make the search even more tedious. Every couple of hours, ocean currents can have carried clues anywhere from 12-to-20 miles.

On Thursday, Justin walker's wife Natasha will be back in the air searching for any sign of her husband and his friend.

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Sky Harbor Aviation in Jacksonville has become a hub of activity and a mini base of operation for the volunteers.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the company 1-800-BOARDUP has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who finds one or both men. They hope it will encourage people to join in the search to bring McCluney and Walker home.