Conditions deteriorate ahead of Hermine's landfall

The weather has gotten worse since FOX 35 crews arrived at Cedar Key in Levy County early Thursday.  Some streets were flooded and the water was rising.  A lot of people are leaving, but some people are riding out Hurricane Hermine.

Hermine was churning toward Florida; it's effects already being felt across the Big Bend Region of Florida. 

Cedar Key is where Martin Kemp and his partner opened their new café, 1842 Grind and Mercantile, just three days ago.  It’s a scary thought that all their hard work could be washed away.

"It’s a possibility," Kemp said. "We’re not dwelling on it.”

The island is under a mandatory evacuation order.  Kemp explained, "We did not get enough notice for an evacuation, so we have nowhere to go. We are going to ride it out at our house.”

He and others were sealing up their businesses and homes with caulk and plywood.   Kemp said, “I’m not so worried about the winds and what have you, should that happen. I’m more so worried about ... the storm surge.” He added, “If we do get a storm surge and it comes above the door sills, we don’t want this to flood out.”

We talked to one woman who said she is having a hurricane party tonight, so some people are choosing to take this hurricane in stride.