Crews prep for roundabout at site of fatal crash

Construction crews are taking final measurements before starting work on the roundabout, where Grand Avenue meets State Road 44 in DeLand, the site of a horrific crash that killed grandmother Sandi Lopes, Aryana, 2, her sister, Jayden, 4, and their cousin Aleah, 4.

Aryana and Jayden’s grandfather, Albert Schumacher, spoke to FOX 35 Monday about how he and his family are trying to find their way through the grief.

“There are days when it’s terrible, not being able to have them around, you tear up every time you think about them," he said.  "It’s hard.”

The intersection where they died is 10 minutes from Schumacher’s house, on his direct route into town.

“I drive by there every day that I go into town, and see the signs there and just try to be strong,” he said. “Push it in as far as you can push it in and just keep on going.”

While it’s hard to pass by this site, it helps Schumacher keep tabs on the county’s progress and the traffic that still speeds through the temporary light that was set up in April.

“It’s amazing how little it takes to take them away from you, not paying attention one time, how many lives you can destroy. So hopefully this roundabout will stop that.”

The roundabout is scheduled to be finished in the spring of 2017.