Crowds flock to Apollo 11 anniversary events

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Before Neil Armstrong could take one small step, he had to take a giant leap into space from the Kennedy Space Center [KSC]. It make sense that space enthusiasts from around the world would be waiting in line to pay a visit, Saturday – the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing.

“For me it's a childhood dream come true. I planned to come to the Kennedy Space Center on a special occasion and today is definitely a special occasion,” said Thomas Wikilnski, who was visiting KSC from Poland.




Wearing a ‘kosmos’ t-shirt and sporting an Apollo rocket tattoo, Wikilnski said the space program was an important inspiration. “It made me pursue my dreams and career in engineering and that's why I'm here.”

There was plenty to enjoy, including big screens set up showing archive footage from the Moon Landing, and classic cars - featuring a Corvette that's been signed by 46 astronauts, and another that had belonged to Armstrong.

“He drove that car, had fun with that car - it's a piece of history, yes!” said the car’s current owner, Joe Crosby.

KSC staff member Richard Castellanos hoped the anniversary - and the return of manned space missions from Cape Canaveral - would inspire a new generation of fans.

“When the kids today start seeing that - we're sending people! Into space! Again! That's going to really lift everything.”