Cruises warn passengers that they can be denied ship access if they have coronavirus symptoms

Officials at Port Canaveral say an estimated 4.5 million people come through the terminals annually, from all over the world, making Brevard County an international crossroads. However, as coronavirus fears begin to rise, especially with three positive cases in Florida, the Brevard County Health Department knows that it is something to monitor closely.

On Monday, thousands of passengers were embarking on vacations amidst coronavirus concerns. They told FOX 35 News the cruise lines are sending frequent emails to them, emphasizing the need for diligent handwashing and warning guests that they can be denied access to the ship if they have coronavirus symptoms.

Travelers have also packed extra Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer.

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Shokra Quandra from Michigan said he has some medical issues and that puts him in the most at-risk group if he got the coronavirus. He had a half dozen masks in his suitcase and one on his face during check-in. But the surgeon general said that masks are helpful if you are trying to spare other people from catching the coronavirus from you and that they are not considered to be a good preventive measure.


In addition to coronavirus, concerns about the flu are weighing on passengers. On a cruise in late February, 80 people tested positive for the flu. That was before America had coronavirus cases.

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Meanwhile, in Brevard County, there are more than a dozen people are being monitored for the coronavirus. There are no confirmed cases yet but 25 of those being monitored just got back from Asia. The Health Department is playing close to those being monitored to see if symptoms develop.

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