Daytona airport gets new CT machine for 3D luggage scanning

Travelers at the Daytona International Airport will notice new technology scanning their bags - a CT machine giving TSA agents a 3D view. 

"Our officers are able to spin that image, rotate the image, and therefore see that there are no threats in the bag," said Sari Koshetz, TSA spokesperson.

The airport installed one of the machines last year, but most recently added a second one. In fact, many airports have moved to the technology. 


As TSA agents get a better view, the agency says passengers can relax as they move through.

"If you’re in a lane in any airport with a CT machine the officers will instruct you that you can keep your laptop and 3-1-1 for convenience," said Koshetz. 

TSA says the machine will divert a suspected threat, so an officer can further investigate. For people who mistakenly brought a prohibited item, the airport will ship it back home for you.

"The TSA agents put the item in the envelope put it in a bin and our operations' bin picks up those envelopes, and then we ship it back free of charge," said airport spokesperson Joanne F. Magley.