Daytona officer shoots, kills dog that attacked him, police say

The Daytona Beach Police Department is investigating after one of their officers shot and killed a homeowner's dog while responding to a call on Friday, police say. 

According to a release from the department, Officers Michael Bodkin and Saheed Ali responded to the 300 block of Reva Street around 1:45 a.m. after being dispatched to a domestic disturbance. 

When the officers rang the doorbell, they heard dogs barking before the front door opened. When the door was opened, two dogs reportedly ran out and began "jumping in an aggressive manner towards the officers."

One of the dogs was an all-white pit-bull type weighing around 30 to 40 pounds. The other is an all-black Rottweiler pit-bull mix weighing around 30 to 40 pounds, the department described.

"The all-white dog jumped towards Officer Ali, causing both officers to back away from the front door," the release stated. "Officer Ali fell to the ground and suffered minor abrasions to his left forearm while kicking the dog off of him. The same dog then charged at Officer Bodkin and bit his right forearm and right hand, causing several puncture wounds with his teeth."

Police say Officer Bodkin gave the dog's owner several warning to retrieve the dogs, but says the owner could not get them under control.

That's when Officer Bodkin reportedly pulled out his firearm and fired multiple times at the dog. The dog died at the scene.

"Both officers were treated by paramedics on scene and then taken to AdventHealth Daytona Beach for further treatment and evaluation. Both have since left the hospital and are on their normal days off from work."

The department is reviewing the matter.