Delays expected in Ocala sinkhole repairs

On Tuesday, crews were still out fixing the area of SE 31st Street, where a sinkhole opened up exactly a month ago in Ocala.

“What they have to do is put a game plan together,” Darren Park, Ocala’s Public Works Director, explained. “Meet with a geotechnical consultant.”

They dug 45 holes, each 45 feet deep, and are almost finished filling them with cement grout. It’s a solution they hope  is a permanent fix for these sinkholes as we slosh through the rainy season in Central Florida.

Park said, “It’s to remediate the sinkholes that have opened up already, and to fill any potential voids that are connected with those sinkholes.”

The sinkhole opened up near Lois Evans’ backyard.

Evans explained, “We appreciate that they’re working on it right away and they’re trying to fix it so it doesn’t happen again.”

We asked her if she was concerned about other sinkholes opening up in the area.  “I’m not,” She said. “I’m thinking that was a kind of fluky thing.”

Park said they always have crews on stand-by 24/7.  He said there is no concern more sinkholes could open up in the near future.

“No,” said Park. “There’s no probability to tell when or where it may or may not pop up. It just happens.”

The city expects this work to be finished by the end of the month.