Deputies investigate alleged road rage incident in Orange City

Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the driver of a teal Lincoln Town Car with a brown top.  They say it was traveling north on Enterprise Road in Orange City Thursday around noon on Friday and its driver is suspected in a case of dangerous road rage. 

The victim in this case asked not to be named in this story, but he wants people to know about his experience. 

He said he was headed home from shopping in Orange City when he was merging from Enterprise Road north onto U.S. Highway 17/92.   "A gentleman tried to cut in really aggressively, and I said 'No buddy!' and I just went. I pulled forward."

He said the other driver became irate.  "He pretended to almost ram me.  I swerved to avoid him, and I looked over, and I gave him the question mark with my hands, like 'What are you doing?' I didn’t yell, I didn’t beep, I didn’t swear, and he proceeded to reach into his glove compartment, pulled a gun out of a holster and aimed it directly at me."

The victim held his phone out letting the driver know he was calling 911 when the guy took off.  You can hear his frustration in his conversation with the 911 operator saying, "That guy’s gonna kill someone and it was over nothing ma’am, completely over nothing. Why would you pull out a gun? Because I wouldn’t let somebody in?"

"I was just shocked," the victims told FOX 35. "I’m from New York, and ... I’ve lived in bad neighborhoods, and I’ve never had a gun pulled on me."

The driver of the Town Car is described as a white man in his 70s.  The Volusia County sheriff’s deputies are hoping anyone with information will give them a call.