Deputies investigate goat attack in Fruitland Park

Army veteran Joshua Curtis of Fruitland Park showed our cameras where he says suspects broke into his pen of baby goats and went on the attack.

"They didn’t just shoot my goats, they went in there and starting stabbing them as well,” Curtis said.

Two of his goats were shot dead  and two others injured, his dog is also injured. He says the suspects, also threatened him with a gun.

“It was senseless there was no reason for this to happen, and it’s not the first time this is the fourth time this has happened” Curtis said.

But this time Lake County deputies were able to recover surveillance video from a neighbor’s camera, showing two men running away after the incident.

“I am really hoping that helps actually I am very happy my neighbor had his security cameras up and hopefully it brings them in,” Curtis said.

Curtis is even putting up his own money, offering a $1000 reward  for information  leading  to  the suspects.

“Anybody that can come up with the information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of these two individuals,” Curtis said.