Deputies: Ocala man fired shots near homes

Neighbors say Kenneth Valliant put kids’ lives in danger when he showed up with a rifle and started shooting. In the incident, captured on video, a woman desperately pleads for her two kids to get down. A neighbor said they've all known Valliant for years, and this just isn't like him.

“He's very kind. Very soft spoken, he's always been very neutral. He's never been out of control.”

Deputies say it all began earlier in the day, with Valliant going to a woman’s house, demanding to see her boyfriend, who wasn’t home. Then promising to come back and beat him up. Deputies say he came back, packing heat.

And the bullets start flying. She calls for her two kids to get down. Deputies say Valliant fired at the ground. The neighbor says one bullet even ricocheted, and hit him.

“He shot himself in the leg in the process of running away.”

Deputies say they caught up with Valliant hiding in a house a few miles away.

“He did not resist,” said Lauren Lettelier, with the Marion County Sheriff's Office, “he came in without incident as soon as the canine warnings were given to him.”

They say capturing the attack on camera was smart.

“We're very thankful for that video,” Lettelier said, “it really did make the case.”