Deputies say ex boyfriend, 81, jailed again

An 81-year-old man is behind bars again, accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend. 

Deputies say Derek Britton did vandalized his ex-girlfriend's Minneola home earlier this month. The victim's son-in-law spent hours trying to remove paint and oil that was poured into her pool. Deputies said they found a box cutter, a face mask and a spray-paint can at the scene. 

"He would pretty much stalk her, after she ended it," says Karlton Tillman.

 The victim got a restraining order against Britton in July. 

Britton was sentenced to five years probation and anger management classes. Prosecutors say he didn't serve any real jail time,  because he has a clean past.  Just this week, Britton was arrested again after deputies say he contacted someone he knew in jail and offered to pay bail for a favor.

"To go to victim's home, do further vandalism, break into her home, steal money, plant narcotics and do more physical harm to the woman, as well," says Lake County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. John Herrell.  "In fact, I think his words were, 'put her in stitches'"

The inmate called and told deputies about the alleged plan. Deputies said they arrested Britton in a restaurant parking lot, with 500 dollars in cash and his checkbook in his pocket. 

"At some point, we have to take a look at it and hope he gets a more harsh sentence," Herrell added.