Deputies stop stick wrong car, hold family at gunpoint

It was a traumatic experience for one Flagler family on Interstate 95.  In body camera video of a deputy you hear the deputy try to comfort the family.

"It happened so fast, it was stop sticks, hit your car, came over and that's the information that was relayed.  So, that's why people came to you with guns drawn. I apologize."

Deputies surrounded the SUV with guns drawn after blowing out the family's tire. Turns out it was a case of mistaken identity.  The domestic violence suspect they were following and the victims were both driving Ford Escapes.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said it was an honest mistake.

"We train hard, we try not to make a mistake. We made a mistake here and I apologize for that."
In fact, they stop sticked both cars.

Sheriff Chitwood says he called the driver of the wrong car to explain.

"I wanted to explain it and apologize and say we made a mistake. I was informed, "Thank you for the phone call, I have an attorney. I'm gonna sue you."

FOX 35 News went to the victim's home Wednesday. A woman at the home said they have a lawyer, but did not tell us who that lawyer is.

Sheriff Chitwood said there will be an internal investigation into the entire case, but says he defends his deputies actions on using the stop sticks.