Deputies user taser on man during complaint over loud music

Authorities in Marion County say 51-year-old Rick Lee Miller dropped to the ground after deputies tased him after he started behaving badly in front of his house.

Early Sunday morning, Miller didn't seem to like that a neighbor called the Sheriff's Office to complain about his loud music and he wants to know who was responsible. 

Deputies see that Miller isn't in the best mood so they try to cut him some slack,  but Miller pushes his luck when deputies 
realize he has weapons and he starts threatening to use them.

"Get on the ground! Get on the ground!" a deputy is heard yelling.

Miller doesn't listen. He turns revealing a gun in his waistband. A deputy swoops in and takes it. Once he's clear, Miller meets the taser.

Miller was arrested and faced several charges. Deputies say there's a lesson in this. When it gets late, take the party inside.