Disney fans 'buzzing' about upcoming seasonal show to feature 800 drones flying over Disney Springs

A new Disney attraction is coming to central Florida – and it’s free!

According to Disney Live Entertainment, beginning Friday, May 24, the "Disney Dreams That Soar, presented by AT&T" drone show will light up the sky above Disney Springs twice a night.

According to Tharin White, Disney expert and lead publisher at EYNTK Info, the shows will happen nightly at 9 and 10:45.

"It’s about a 10-minute-long show, and it is going to feature classic Disney songs as well as an all-new original soundtrack," White said.

Tom Vazzana, director of creative development for Disney Live Entertainment Walt Disney World, said the seasonal drone show will combine music and characters to create a colorful, larger-than-life, high-tech show buzzing above Lake Buena Vista.

"We’re doing this on such a grand scale that it’s a first for us of this size in the sky," Vazzana said.

Disney’s prior drone shows featured around 500 drones, but now, according to Tony Giordano, Disney Live Entertainment show director, they are upping the ante with 800.

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The skies above Disney Springs will come alive with our new "Disney Dreams That Soar presented by AT&T" drone show beginning May 24. [Credit: Disney] 

"The amount of drones really allowed us to make figures bigger than life, bigger than anything I’ve ever seen," Giordano said.

White said it’s another move between Disney and its competitors in the ongoing chess game.

"Competition is always part of it," White said. "Universal had announced their drone show, and it’s going to have 600 drones, so of course, Disney has to have one that’s going to have 800 drones."

What is the best spot to view those 800 drones? White said he had an insider tip:

"If you’re going to go somewhere [to watch the drone show], go near Summer House on the Lake, go near the AMC movie theater," White said. "You should be able to see it all around, but that seems to be Disney’s favorite spot to take photos of it, so I’m assuming that’s where the Imagineers based it."

The Disney drone show will wrap up on September 2. Drones are dependent on weather, so it is best to check the Disney Springs website before heading out there.