VIDEO: Alligator, manatee spotted coexisting peacefully in Florida spring

Captain Cooter, the captain of a local paddling tour business, captured an incredible shot of two unexpected creatures remaining remarkably calm near each other.

The underwater video, which was taken earlier this year at Silver Springs State Park in Marion County, showed a 5-foot alligator peacefully sitting in the water, not far from where a manatee was swimming nearby. 

Captain Cooter posted the video on social media, which received several comments, shares and interactions. Some users were amazed that the gator and sea cow were not a bother to one another. Captain Cooter said he was "very excited to get both of them in the same video." One user asked whether gators attack manatees. Here's what we know.

Do alligators attack manatees?

Though alligators and manatees can have overlapping habitats, such as springs in Florida, attacks by alligators on manatees are extremely rare, according to the Swimming With Manatees' website.

Officials said they may occasionally bite the satellite tags on manatees or target their calves, but they generally do not bother adult manatees.

Drowning an animal as massive as a manatee underwater would require "significant effort", which Swimming With Manatees said isn't practical for gators.

Manatees are also fast swimmers and can go at 5 miles per hour and up to 15 in short bursts, officials said. That makes it hard for alligators to bother them.