Doctors still recommending flu shot

With the flu season now extended, doctors are telling patients their best bet for protection is the flu shot.

Still, many people look for protection in natural ways, turning to daily immune boosting supplements to ward off the flu.

Doctor Timothy Hendrix, with Centra Care, says with levels as high as they are, doctors are now prescribing Tamiflu to people who aren't sick, but have family members in the same household who are.

“If you have asthma, you're older, you have heart or lung disease, those are the people we recommend they take the preventive Tamiflu."

For those who want a natural remedy Dr. Hendrix says there is one thing they can do to help fight off the flu, and not only is it natural, it's free.

“A good diet, plenty of sleep. There are a lot of studies that show that getting adequate rest at night can help prevent upper respiratory infections and the flu."

Despite the epidemic, the doctor says there are still plenty of flu vaccinations available.