Dog thrown into oncoming traffic shows improvement

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Authorities in Ocala say a dog that was thrown into oncoming traffic by a man claiming to be his owner is showing signs of improvement and appears to be thriving. 

Police say Michael Lee Britton, 55, admitted to throwing his own dog into traffic at the busy 2800 block of SW 24th Avenue in Ocala.  Britton was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

"He had said to somebody at the scene or jail, he was trying to put the dog out of its misery," said Ocala Police Lt. Brian Young.

According to Britton's arrest affidavit, the dog was hit and run over by two separate vehicles as numerous witnesses watched in horror.   Police found the dog in a wooded area, not in the best of shape.

After being released from the veterinarian on Wednesday night, the dog was released to Marion County Animal Services. 

A spokeswoman with Animal Services said the dog has no broken bones and is in good spirits.  He is also energetic and playful.   We're told he is on medication and is being closely monitored, but appears to be doing well.

The dog will remain in the custody of Animal Services and they will petition the court for custody.  If they are granted full custody, they will then adopt him out.

In the meantime, Animal Services requests all donations go through their agency's website.