Dogs taken from Sanford home found safe

Kara and Buity disappeared from Roberta Fowler's home last week while she was at the store with a contractor who was doing work on her home.

Fowler feared the worst, but Thursday night, Sanford Police got a call from a man who said he'd found the dogs running around in Sanford.  According to police, that man then gave the dogs away -- one to a family member, and the other to an acquaintance.  After some leg work, officers were able to track down both pups.  

"I ran in here and woke everybody else in the house up - it was late it was like 12 and I'm like "they found the dogs!'" Fowler said.

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the dogs is still under investigation, but Fowler says she's happy with the way it all turned out.