Driver claims self-defense in deadly Deltona road rage shooting: Deputies

One driver is dead following a Deltona road rage shooting, and the person who shot him is claiming self-defense, deputies said. 

The incident unfolded on Thursday night after deputies received multiple 911 calls regarding a shooting near Fisher Drive and Leland Drive. 

According to deputies, the shooter said he passed a white Dodge Charger that slowed down in front of him on DeBary Avenue. In response, the Charger driver followed him closely with its high beams. 


After some time, the Charger backed off and continued on his way. The Charger then reappeared, speeding up and pulling up in front of the other driver to cut him off. 


The Charger driver then got out of his car and began yelling with a gun in his hand. When the alleged shooter saw the Charger driver raising the gun, he told deputies he feared for his life and fired several rounds from his own weapon. 

A witness gave a statement matching that of the shooter. 

The man who died was identified as 37-year-old Kenyon Ashley of Deltona. 

No other details have been released.