E-ZPass toll option comes to Florida next month

Another toll option is coming for drivers in Central Florida.

E-ZPass is coming to Florida next month, but highway authorities say if you already have SunPass or E-Pass, you’re in good shape.  In about two weeks, you’ll start to notice new signs, when you’re driving. 

“It just makes everything easy. I don't have any other way to say it,” said Judi Gonzalez, of West Palm Beach.

It’s easy, because E-ZPASS is already used in 17 states. That’s good news for tourists visiting from up north who may already have E-ZPASS in their car.

“Instead of buying a Florida pass, you have your own E-ZPASS from New Hampshire or Massachusetts, very convenient,” said Ian Balu, of Vero Beach.

But for Florida drivers?

“I think that would be confusing yes, that would be. You’d have to have them coordinated,” said Gonzalez.

“I think there are a lot of options for consumers today and I think we're being kind of overloaded and overwhelmed at times,” said Rich Rasmussen, of Tallahassee.

So which pass can you use where? All three, including SunPass, E-PASS and E-ZPASS will all work in Central Florida. But as of now, E-ZPASS will not work in the rest of the states. 

Officials with the Central Florida Expressway say whatever you do, only pick one or you could get double billed.

“I've gotten hit in a rental car where I put my own sun pass in and I get him from both so I've learned from that experience,” said Rasmussen.

So when you start seeing these signs in a few weeks, don’t let it confuse you. Just keep it easy.
The E-ZPASS in Central Florida goes into effect September 1.  Later this fall, the Central Florida Expressway plans to add E-PASS Xtra, which would work wherever both E-PASS and E-ZPASS are used throughout Florida, Georgia, and 17 other states.