Earth Day: Get paid $1,000 for collecting trash in a natural area

Earth Day is a holiday created to raise awareness about environmental issues, promote conservation efforts, and encourage actions to protect the Earth's natural resources and ecosystems for future generations.

This year, HeySunday – a laundry detergent company dedicated to making products safe for its customers and the planet – is celebrating the holiday by launching its inaugural Earth Day Hero Challenge.

The company seeks to award $1,000 each to three individuals who actively contribute to combating single-use plastics. The ideal candidate has a passion for nature, enjoys outdoor exploration, and is committed to integrating eco-friendly practices into their everyday routines.

The candidates must collect 10 pounds of trash from a local natural area and write a 500-word essay discussing their experiences and insights into sustainability.

The winning Earth Day heroes will not only receive $1,000 but will also receive a year’s supply of eco-friendly laundry detergent, to celebrate their contribution to a greener Earth. 

The application deadline is May 6. To apply, click here and scroll down to the Earth Day Hero Dream Job Application.

The applicant must be 18 years old or older to participate and must reside in the U.S.