Eatonville officer who rescued Pulse victim to be terminated

An Eatonville police officer who rescued a Pulse victim and who now claims to be experiencing post traumatic stress disorder is being let go from the job.  Officer Omar Delgado's last day is December 31. The officer says he never expected this to happen.

 "I'm told I was a hero and a lot of people followed the story and now it's over and done with and I feel left out in the cold."

Delgado was praised after he rescued Angel Colon from the Pulse nightclub in 2016, but it was after the tragedy, that Delgado said his life changed.

"Ever since June 12, 2016 of Pulse, I haven't been the same, I've been struggling with PSTD, my depression, anxiety its been challenging." 

He has been on light duty since then.  Now, the City of Eatonville wants to fire him after 9-and-a-half years of working with the force.  He was only six months away from being vested.

"I would have never thought they would have come to an agreement at the end of this year and cut all ties with me," he says.

City council members will vote on paying half of his sick time, which comes to 65 hours.  We asked Officer Delgado if he regretted going to Pulse.

"It's agony for me for my family, struggling financially, but I would not change that for the world, because I developed an amazing relationship with Angel, and the fact that I saved his life, that to me is worth it."

Eatonville's police chief says he can't comment on the termination.