Elderly man beaten with frozen can of Coke during his morning walk

"They don't know who I am!  Who do they think I am?" Charles Smyth shouted, looking right at news cameras as he walked into the jailhouse courtroom.  

The 67-year-old man wouldn't stop ranting at what was supposed to be his first appearance before a judge on aggravated battery charges.  

"I am the greatest peacemaker of all time!" Smyth said.

The judge listened to this outburst for a solid minute before instructing bailiffs to remove Smyth and "take him next door to be stabilized."

Daytona Beach Police say Smyth attacked 80-year-old Donald Kane, leaving him with two black eyes, a bloody right arm and a fractured left arm.  Kane was just minding his own business going on his morning walk, when Smyth pounced, according to police records.  

"I sensed someone was following me," Kane said.  

He felt uneasy, so he walked across the street.  DBPD say Smyth followed him.  

"I felt this thud in the back of my head. Then I turned around, and he was swinging this thing and it connected between my eyes there," said Kane.  

He told police Smyth was screaming at him, "I'm going to kill you.  You called the cops on me three times," Kane told FOX 35.  

Kane says he never called the police on his attacker. The whole ordeal caught Kane off guard as Smyth continued to attack "seemed like a frozen coca cola can on a whip or a leash, and he's swinging it like a weapon," Kane explained.

After getting hit twice in the head, Kane put up his arms up blocking more blows.  

"When I raised my arm up, I guess it knocked the can to the ground. That gave me enough time to get out of there," Kane said.  

Kane was bleeding and in pain, when no one would stop to help him, he walked to a nearby fire station.  He told the firefighters and then investigators that he'd seen is attacker around before.  

"Ranting about the condition of the city and the politics. He hates everybody then he confronts people walking their dog. But everybody knows him," Kane said.

Even Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri says he knows Smyth.

"We're very familiar with Mr. Smyth. He's been around a while. I've dealt with him personally on several incidents. He has some mental issues. I don't know how deep they go," Chief Capri said.

Records show Smyth has been arrested at least seven times in Volusia County, but this is his first arrest for a violent offense.  

"What he did was inexcusable. I know he definitely needs some help.  We've got to find a way to help the mentally ill," said Chief Capri.  

He says Smyth has been homeless for as long as he can remember.  

The same firefighters who helped Kane after he was attacked pulled up some pictures of a man they'd reported to DBPD after having an incident with him.  Kane says that was the same man who attacked him.  

Investigators plastered Smyth's picture all over social media and says several people responded saying they'd seen him recently.  DBPD say they found Smyth at one of his known hangouts Wednesday night and arrested him.

Smyth is now being held without bond.  If that changes, the judge ordered Smyth to have no contact with his victim.