Florida teacher arrested after video shows her allegedly slapping student in front of class, police say

A Eustis Middle School teacher was arrested for reportedly slapping a student inside a classroom, police said. 

On Nov. 17, a couple was contacted by the Eustis Middle School principal, who told them a teacher, Ute Galloway slapped their child across the face in front of other students, arrest records show. 

When interviewed by police, the child said he was playing a game with other students, and they were instructed not to look at the outline of the paper of the turkey they were told to draw. 

The child said he looked at the outline and was suddenly smacked by Galloway.

The child was allegedly pulled to the side by Galloway who apologized after the incident. The school told the parents they would "handle the situation" and call him later to follow up. 

The school never followed up and Galloway continued to work at the school following the Thanksgiving break.  When inquiring about the incident, the parents were told the school couldn't provide any details or provide what steps they were taking during the investigation, according to an affidavit. 


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After the parents pressed charges against Galloway, an officer reviewed school footage that showed the child on his knees appearing to draw on a piece of paper when Galloway "unexpectedly" slapped the child on the left side of his face.  

Two other students told police a similar story about the incident. 

A statement from Lake County Schools said, "Galloway has been alternatively placed in a role with no interaction with students while we investigate. That is our standard protocol."

Galloway was hired as a teacher assistant and family-school liaison at Eustis Middle in August 2022.

She faces one count of child abuse without great bodily harm.