Evacuations for some along Florida's east coast ahead of Hurricane Irma

A mandatory evacuation into was announced on Thursday for the barrier islands in Brevard County that are home to roughly 100,000 people.

Some of them, like the Holthams of Cape Canaveral, packed up some basic necessities and plan to drive to a friends home about a hundred miles away in the northern part of the state. Others began boarding up, but were still unsure about whether they would follow the order. We also found a local business owner who told us she was leaving the state and sheltering in Alabama.

"Regardless of where you are in Florida, you are going to get really a hard time" said Michelle Eri, owner of Beach Clips Barber Shop in Cape Canaveral. "There's no escaping it, I think."

The evacuation order goes into effect at 3pm on Friday.