Ex-judge faces suspension from practicing law

After being removed from the bench last year by the state Supreme Court, a former Northeast Florida circuit judge could face a three-month suspension from practicing law.

Scott DuPont, a former judge in the 7th Judicial Circuit, and The Florida Bar have reached a deal that would lead to DuPont being barred from practicing law for 91 days, according to documents filed Wednesday at the Supreme Court.

The deal, described as a "conditional guilty plea for consent judgment," is subject to approval from the Supreme Court. The disciplinary case stems from issues that led the Supreme Court in June 2018 to unanimously decide to remove DuPont from the bench.

Those issues included DuPont spreading false allegations about his 2016 election challenger, Malcolm Anthony, and Anthony's family members.

"Respondent (DuPont) knowingly disseminated scandalous and inaccurate information concerning his opponent and his opponent's family without taking steps to verify the accuracy of that information in printed materials and on a website," said one of the documents filed Wednesday at the Supreme Court. "Further, respondent was cautioned by others to check the accuracy of the information prior to disseminating the information. Respondent was advised by two sitting judges not to disseminate the information."

DuPont was accused of violating several rules regulating the Bar. The 7th Judicial Circuit is made up of St. Johns, Putnam, Flagler and Volusia counties.