Family, friends of 'AJ' Owens hold vigil in her honor

Hundreds of people gathered in Ocala on Thursday night to remember Ajika ‘AJ’ Owens, the Mom of four who was killed last week.

Authorities say Owens was shot through the door of her neighbor's home in Ocala on Friday, June 2. Lorincz claimed that she acted in self-defense and that Owens had been trying to break down her door prior to her shooting a gun.

Family, loved ones, and neighbors all said Owens was loved and would do anything to protect her kids. Her brother spoke on Thursday that he wasn't surprised when he heard the news of how Owens died because "she loves her's really hard."

Other people who spoke remembered fond memories of Owens. One Mom said her son and one of Owen's sons played basketball together. "This one particular game my son was not playing very much in the game, and I was right next to AJ, I kind of shared my displeasure and she said let me go talk to the coach right now."

Signs saying #JusticeforAJ were posted around the vigil. The family wants Lorincz's current manslaughter charge to be upgraded to murder charges. Owens' family and attorneys gathered at a news conference Monday to demand justice for her, saying that her killing was unwarranted and unprovoked.