Family of bears trip motion-sensor on Seminole County home security cam

Glen Coffield says wildlife is abundant and visible around his Lake Mary, Florida home.

Cedar Stone Court is just a breath away from the Seminole State Forest. Wildlife is something he and his wife started seeing from almost the first day they moved in 19 years ago.

Coffield laughs as he says, "It's like the Central Florida zoo in my backyard!"

Through the years he has seen armadillo, venomous snakes and, of course, black bears.

"Usually it's a big male if we see one by itself," says Coffield.

Recently though, something tripped the motion-sensor on his home security camera overlooking the driveway in the middle of the night. He checked it and saw a familiar, adorable sight.

"Two [bear] cubs, coming home, I guess, from a night of foraging somewhere," he says.

His wife checked out the video and immediately told Coffield he needed to look again because there was something else there.