Family of hit-and-run victim pleads for help finding drivers

The driver of the first car that hit 39-year-old Rasheed Wiggins on Universal Boulevard never stopped. A second driver hit him too. That person also left the scene and never came back.

The Florida Highway Patrol now says witnesses tell them there was a passenger in that first car and that they saw the glow of a smart phone on the face of a woman driving the second car. But troopers also they are no closer to knowing who was driving either of those vehicles. 

Troopers say Wiggins was standing in the grassy median after a trip to Walgreens when a driver took a wide turn and hit him, tossing him into the roadway.  Then, troopers say the second driver ran him over.  A third driver, who troopers say was a taxi driver, hit Wiggins but stayed on scene and is cooperating with investigators.  That driver told troopers he didn't see Wiggins' body in the roadway.

The two cars that left the site of the accident are described as a "newer, white passenger vehicle" and an "older white passenger vehicle."

Wiggins' family is now pleading for help in finding the drivers.  Wiggins was the husband of former FOX 35 reporter Kimberly Wiggins.   "You took away my husband, my best friend, my soul mate.  He is my one, and in one second, whoever did this, just took him," she said.  "There's only one way to make it right, and that's to come forward."

It is a message echoed by Rasheed's mother.   "We plea to you to come forth, and just think for a moment, if it was your child, if it was your baby, what would you want to happen? I believe in your heart you would want justice," said Mary Wiggins. 

A gifted entrepreneur and business dreamer who held two degrees from prestigious Duke University, Wiggins held a black belt in karate.  He decided to try boxing and won two fights.  He was also someone who rarely met a person he would not help.  "He could make anyone feel comfortable. And he knew what you needed and he wanted to help you out," Kimberly said.   "He reminded me that there was still good in this world."