Family seeks justice, answers in murder

The Marion County Sheriff's Office is asking for information from the public about the unsolved murder of Ronnie Damon, a former MCSO Corrections Officer who was shot and killed in the driveway of a Silver Springs Shores home while he was working on his car on the evening of January 6, 2016.

"Someone out there hurt this man with his child and his parents in the house," explained Zachary Hughes with the  Sheriff's Office, during a news conference on Friday.

Damon was a new father.  He worked for the county for seven years, before leaving to start a new career. Now, his family just wants closure.   "We just need everyone's help to find out who did this, because they need to be brought to justice. He deserves that, we deserve that," said Damon's sister, Carrie Kelley.

Detectives say the sole witness they have to the shooting doesn't have much information, and they need the public to speak up in order to find Damon's killer.

"Someone out there in the community may know something, and it maybe something that that person thinks is very small but it maybe something very big for the investigation," Hughes said.

For now, Damon's mother has strong words for the person responsible for her son's death.  "The Lord knows who you are, the Lord's vengeance is perfect, and he needs to be scared," said Sandra Damon.
Anyone with information can call the MCSO at 732-9111 or Crime Stoppers at 368-7867, text a tip to 274637 or visit