Family wants answers after New Year's Eve fire

Debra Baisden shows us what's left of her Fort McCoy home, after a fire ripped through it the morning of New Year’s eve.

“This is everything that we have my kids are 9 and 4 and they pull up every day 'can we come home?' there's no home to come home to,” said Miranda Campbell, Baisden’s daughter.

The home Baisden shared with her daughter, her two granddaughters and her brother is now reduced to rubble, but she says the house wasn't a total loss after Marion County Fire Rescue responded the first time.

Once they got it put out, he told us it was okay, there was still some smoke in there, we could go back in and get some clothes because we knew we couldn't stay here,” Baisden said.

Marion County Fire Rescue confirms they responded around 6:15 Saturday morning, extinguished the fire and then left at 7:30 am after turning off electricity to the house, advising the family they'd need an inspection by a certified electrician to fix the problem and get their power back on -- so the family left the home.

“When my daughter Miranda came back, it was gone, gone we thought we were coming back,” Baisden said.

Marion County Fire Rescue says they responded back out to the home around 10 a.m., to put out  another fire, which they say is still under investigation by the State Fire Marshal.

"There is no evidence that the fire was incendiary in nature" meaning there's no evidence that it was intentionally set," read a statement released by State Fire Marshal's Office said.

The family says they had no insurance on the home, now they just want ,answers from the county as to what why they still lost everything after the fire was put out the first time.

“Thankfully, my kids left, when they cleared the house," Campbell said.

The Red Cross is assisting the family and a Go Fund me account has been set up here.