Family's emotional plea for justice after brothers murdered

A dozen family members gathered at Orlando Police headquarters on Friday, making a plea to the community and asking for help finding out who killed Christian and Antonio Jones.   "We're pleading for anyone, somebody to come forward with any information. Whether it's a little or a lot," said their aunt, Jean Jennings. 

Christian Jones, 16, and Antonio Jones, 34, were murdered February 7.  Detective Toyd Montford says the brothers were on their way to a Super Bowl party at the Stonebridge Reserve Apartments in MetroWest. "As they entered the complex, they got on the elevator and exited on the third floor. Once they exited, they were encountered by unknown number of suspects with guns," said Detective Montford.  He says Christian and Antonio took off running.  "But they were chased and gunned down."

The family is having a hard time accepting what happened to Jones boys.  "As painful that as it is right now the hardest part is accepting the fact that they were murdered. They were murdered, killed by gunfire," said Jennings.  

Antonio leaves behind two children, a 10-month old and a 5-year old.  "He was a loving son, brother and father of two sons," said Jennings.  Christian was an honor student.  "He wasn't a 'hoodrat.' He was a good student, he was well mannered, he never had any trouble with him never," Jennings told reporters.

The day after Christian was murdered, his parents received a letter in the mail, inviting the teen to a prestigious national leadership forum this summer for business innovation.  Jennings says Christian dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur.  Two promising young lives taken too soon.  Now their heartbroken family is begging for your help. 

"Please we're pleading with you, we need your help, we need closure, we need answers to this senseless crime. Nobody deserves to die like this. Nobody," said Jennings.

If you have information on who killed the Christian and Antonio Jones, you are asked to call Orlando Police or Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).