Fans bundle up to meet NFL stars at Pro Bowl Experience

Pro Bowl events are kicking off in Central Florida and fans are bundling up for the experience at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports.

Some of the best NFL players are in Orlando for the big Pro Bowl game.

On Wednesday, they made time to hit the field to practice at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex where fans could watch up close and personal.

“We’re here to see our Steelers baby!” Joyce Boutros exclaimed with her cheering family.

The Pro Bowl comes down to the AFC versus the NFC and features 88 of the best NFL players.

“We’re gonna get some autographs” Boutros said. “Hopefully from some of our favorite players.” 

“We always just comes every year and we love watching the players and getting a chance to see them in person,” Kimberly Quigley said.

Across from the practice field is fun for the whole family.

“My favorite part is to do the jumping and stuff,” Quigley’s daughter said. 

The Pro Bowl Experience allows fans of all ages to see how they measure up to the pros as they try the 40-yard dash, an obstacle course, catching, kicking and passing.

“I just scored 6 points and I beat my brother!” Bo Worell said.

The weather brought a noticeable chill to the outdoor festival, but fans don’t seem to mind.

“We’re from Iowa so it’s not that cold for us. Back home it’s like -10,” Worell said.

Native Floridians said otherwise.

“Bring a sweater,” David Rodriguez said.

The event is free, but admission requires you download the NFL OnePass online to get all of the access between now and the game on Sunday.