Fans shocked and excited that NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is home

Roush Fenway Racing released two pictures of Ryan Newman on Wednesday.

The first one:  NASCAR’s No. 6 car driver is standing up in his hospital gown smiling with his arms around his two young daughters. The second photo: Newman in the middle of his two girls, holding hands walking out of Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, less than 48 hours after getting cut out of his crumpled race car.  

When FOX 35 News showed the pictures to NASCAR fans, they were shocked.  

“[That's him] today? Oh yeah! That’s good!” one fan from Canada said, as he took a closer look at the picture. “That was quite a wreck too. Holy smokes!”

Taking a closer look at this picture, there are no visible bruises cuts casts or bandages on Newman.  It’s so hard to believe when for a while before Newman was extricated from his race car.

“He went from serious/critical to walking out of the hospital, because of the care he got. Also, he’s a strong young man. He got support from family, and from friends, and from us and I think the entire nation was praying for him,” said Dr. Danny Jazarevic, Dir. of Trauma and Surgical Care at Halifax Health Medical Center. 

Fans were fearing he could be dead because of the severity of the wreck.

“I was hoping he was alive, but you don’t know when you see a crash like that. You never know,” said Morgan from Jacksonville.  

“Based on the wreck, I was expecting him to be paralyzed or something. I didn’t expect him to be walking around joking two days later,” her husband Jason added.

An employee at the executive airport in Daytona Beach confirmed that Martin Truex Jr.’s plane was at the airport. shows the aircraft landed in shows it landed in Daytona at 12:20 p.m. and took off again at 4:01 p.m.  During that time, Truex Jr. and his wife both posted pictures on Twitter with Newman, saying they had never been so happy to see their friend Ryan Newman.  

“He has recovered very, very well and he’s going to go on with life. We wish him really, really well and I want to see him on the next circuit,” Dr. Danny Jazarevic  added.