Farm looking for volunteers to cuddle their rescued pigs

This is one job that would be very hard to quit!

The Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary is looking for volunteer 'piggy cuddlers' to help socialize about 100 of their rescued pigs. 

"Do you want to help make a difference in the lives of the pigs of Cotton Branch? Come help socialize our adoptable residents so they move into our adoption program with ease!" the sanctuary wrote on Facebook.

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So what are the job requirements? If you are able to give the piggies belly scratches, cookies, sitting with and even talking to the pigs, you are qualified.

As you can imagine, the post received lots of comments. 

"They are so adorable, sweet, and smart... I love them!" wrote one commenter.

"I just love pigs, they are sweet precious animals. I live in Des Plains Illinois. I would love to take a trip to your sanctuary and cuddle these cuties," wrote another pig lover. 

Anyone who would like to sign up can apply HERE.