Feds investigating death of Orlando man believed to have died from vaping, father says

The father of an Orlando man who doctors believe died from vaping said that he has gotten an outpouring of support after sharing the news of his son's passing and spreading the word about the dangers of vaping.

Donald Boyd says his 28-year-old son, Kyle, went to bed last week and never woke up. He went into cardiac arrest twice and never regained consciousness. He was pronounced brain dead after several days in the hospital. Doctors believe that vaping is to blame for his death. He used vape heavily and he had pneumonia that was more than likely caused by it. 

“The medical staff tested for drugs,” Kyle's step-father Kevin Lambrecht said. "There were no drugs involved. There was no THC. There was no marijuana. There was no alcohol. His only vice was vaping and we just didn’t realize how bad that is.”

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"On Tuesday morning, he was posturing, pale, he wasn’t there. I knew something was wrong," Boyd said. He believes that vaping killed his son and has been spreading the word about the dangers of vaping. He has been encouraged by all the feedback coming in after Kyle's story aired on FOX 35.


"The awareness is spreading more viral, which is nice to know that I’m hearing from California, I’m hearing from Michigan, I’m hearing from New York. Our story is reaching people," Boyd added.

Kyle's story has even reached federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

"It was extremely surprising that they had seen our story,"' Boyd said. "They're going to be going through Kyle's vaping material that he possessed."

Federal agents with the DEA would not comment on Kyle's case but did say they are trying to see if illegal narcotics are in any vaping devices. We are awaiting a response from the FDA.


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According to his family, Kyle worked with those suffering from addiction.

"I feel strongly that Kyle’s passion is to help people and get the help they need. And I think that now is the time to take up the cause," Boyd said.

Kyle's family would like donations to be made in his honor to Matthew’s Hope, a nonprofit in Winter Garden. To donate, text MHM to 41444 or visit MatthewsHopeMinistries.org and use the 'Donate' button.


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Boyd also told FOX 35 that he misses texting his son, especially during Florida Gator football games. He plans to carry on his son's legacy and spread the word about the dangers of vaping.

"We’re carrying on a message that’s gonna resonate with people to maybe take a really hard look at what was going on and hopefully save some lives," he said.

Boyd is also in the process of planning Kyle's funeral, which is planned for Friday at 3 p.m. at St. Joseph's on Alafaya Trail in Orlando.