Feds issue coronavirus scam 'high alert'

Coronavirus-related scams were inevitable. But getting taken by one is not. Let's get you up to speed on this latest high alert coming from the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

Scammers are stealing Medicare and Medicaid information and using it to bill people and these programs in your good name. 

They are texting you with links. Don’t open them. Or phone calls. Hang up. They are sending scam offers in the mail. They’re even coming door-to-door.

They are offering COVID-19 test kits and safety equipment like masks. Here's the catch: First, they need your Medicaid, Medicare or social security number. Don’t fall for it. Beyond that, they are most likely offering scam equipment. 

Don’t give out any of this information to strangers. Not ever. If someone uses your information and steals from the government, you could still be held responsible in some circumstances.  

Consult your personal doctor if you have questions about the coronavirus.