Few details on how woman escaped custody in Osceola County

Deputies with the Osceola County Sheriff's Office are released few details, as they investigate how a handcuffed woman escaped from the Sheriff's Office on Monday.

Desiree McAlister, 25, made her first appearance before a judge on Tuesday. She was at the back of the room, locked in a cage.  Deputies weren't taking any chances.  That said McAlister was questioned about an armed robbery when she manage to slip away.  Questions as to how exactly it happened remained unanswered a day later.

"We're going to talk to anyone and everyone that was involved and we're going to look at those policies and procedures and if any of those policies have been violated then we will deal with that at that time," said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Twis Lizsuain.

McAlister is charged with armed robbery and escape.  Deputies found her at a Buenaventura Lakes home last night. "They kept repeating, 'Open the door!  Come out of the house! Open the door!  Come out of the house!" explained neighbor Angel Rosa.  "Finally, they went up with a shield and one of them opened the door. Then they had the guns drawn."  Rosa said McAlister resisted investigators. "Police had to hold her up.  She didn't want to go."

Deputies said McAlister was staying with a friend and were able to track her down within a few hours of her escape.  According to court records, McAlister was charged last year with escape, because she slipped a hand out of a handcuff while in a patrol car; however, the state dropped those charges.