FHP investigating deadly hit and run in Weirsdale

A Marion County man is dead after the Florida Highway Patrol said a driver hit him and kept going.   The crash happened sometime this weekend, according to FHP's report.

The body of Jeffrey Ackley, 42, of Weirsdale, was found face down on the side of the road, along County Road 25, in Weirsdale Sunday morning.

"He'd give you the shirt off his back," Jeffrey Ackley’s mother, Arlene Ackley, said.  “He’d do anything for anybody, anytime.”

Ackley spoke about the pain in her heart at the death of her son.  

“The sadness runs with the children, too.," She said. "He had two wonderful children, and my heart goes out to them.”

She said she is now forced to deal with this tragedy.

“I’ve got to live with that the rest of my life," She explained through her tears. "That maybe he suffered some. This guy went on, or this woman, and didn’t try to help him.”

His family said it was typical for him to walk places.  FHP’s report said his body was found face down, on the side of the road Sunday morning.

"How somebody could just let you lay there, and not come back and check on you?" Ackley asked. "Hit you, he might’ve been alive. Maybe there’s something he could’ve done if he’d have come back and checked on him.”

FHP’s report said the driver left behind clues at the scene. Pieces of what may be a Ford that hit him. Jeffrey’s daughter, Kaitlin Ackley, wants justice and closure.

“I just want them to come forward," Kaitlin explained. "I think that would bring the most closure to my family and I.”

Arlene echoed the same, emotional sentiment.

“I need closure," She said tearfully. "His brother needs closure. His whole family needs closure. Please, come forward.”

So this family can find peace in the face of losing someone they love.

FHP is asking people to keep an eye out for a vehicle with damage to its left front and side mirror. Call FHP at 352-732-1260 extension 237, or call Marion County CrimeStoppers at 352-368-7867.