FHP: Pedestrian, motorcyclist killed in crash

Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol are asking for witnesses to come forward after both a driver and pedestrian were killed in an accident on Saturday evening. 

Marie Louissaint Edouard, 59, was killed while walking on the sidewalk, after a motorcyclist lost control and hit her, according to investigators.  The driver of the dirt bike, Clayvon Foster, 30, also died. 

Edouard's son, Piere Louissaint, said he was heading out to work on Saturday evening, when his mother decided to take her daily walk along Powers Drive. "She told me, 'Piere, I'm fitting to go down the street get something,' and then that's the last time I seen my mother," said Louissaint, who was later contacted by troopers and told of his mother's death.  "I was going crazy, I didn't know what to do, my whole body just fell down." 

According to the FHP, there was a group of motorcycles and ATV's traveling along Powers Drive, but they were not on the roadway. Troopers said none of the other drivers remained on scene for questioning, so they are not exactly sure what happened.  They are now hoping witnesses will come forward.

"I hope they come in with something," said Louissait. "I hope they find whoever was with the dude that hit my mother on the motorcycle."  Louissaint said his mother was a loving person, who was adored by many. "The whole neighborhood, people love my mother, kids around grandma, grandma everybody."

Anyone with information on the crash should call Florida Highway Patrol.