Fight to have cannabis oil in public schools

A battle over cannabis oil in public schools has erupted, as a Florida couple seeks to change the law to help their daughter.

Zoe Adams, 7, takes cannabidiol (CBD) oil to help prevent seizures, due to a deadly disorder called Sanfilippo Syndrome.

"It calms her down, it stops the seizers, it really just allows her to be closer to normal," says Zoe's mom, Kimberly.

She says she's not allowed to take the CBD oil at Edgewater Public School.

"Even though its legal in the state of Florida and there are statues for this, they are choosing to use Federal rules for this rather than state rules."

We reached out to the Volusia County School District they sent a statement saying in part, "The request to bring cannabis oil onto our campuses, or the involvement of our staff, is prohibited by federal law. " 

Zoe's dad, JJ, says he's trying to get the law changed, by contacting lawmakers.

"We've emailed quite a few of them. We reached out to the school board."

He just wants to help his daughter and other children like her, while she's still alive.

"When you can't walk her down the aisle, when you can't see her being a mother, see her go to prom or driving that's a tough bill to swallow."

Kimberly says Zoe has a few years left to live, she wants to make it the best it can be for her precious little girl.

"We have a little girl that's dying and she deserves the chance to thrive for the next few years."

They plan to go before school board members at Tuesday nights meeting.