Final weekend of Bike Week begins in Daytona Beach

People packed the sidewalks of Main Street as the final weekend of Bike Week kicked off in Daytona Beach.

"I’m very impressed that people are out and they’re having a good time I think it speaks a lot to the nation feeling a sense of relief," said Lauren Watson.

With vendors allowed to set up, it looked like business as usual – but the pandemic still on some people’s minds.

"You can tell people are still being safe there’s still the hand sanitizers out people are still trying to be contentious but they’re still here to have a good time," said Watson.

Ron Burnetti runs The Shores Resort and Spa. He said it has been the busiest since the pandemic started.

"You know we were busy parts of last summer but this 10-day stretch has really shown us what it’s like to be open again," he said.

With many of the bikers coming from around the county, they filled up hotels like his along the beach. He said it was a bit slower during the week, however.

"We’re coming up a little short during the week but we’re gonna sell out on the weekends but believe me we’ll take it we’re OK with that," he said.

He’s hoping everything aligns for a successful final weekend.

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